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Celebrating 15th October as Innovation Day 2019: Point of View

The primary goal of a point of view is for students to generate effective critical thinking into primary issues in the given topic. The topic for Point of View will be given on the spot.


If the world could see how much adoption means from a cat's point of view, shelters would be empty”   - BY Hannah Simone.


Date:          15th/October/2019, Tuesday

Time:          11.30 am to 1.00 pm

Venue:       Seminar Hall, Block – E, GGI Ludhiana  


Eligibility: If you can pitch your point of view in different way go ahead, stage all yours


Basic Rules:

1. Time Allowed: 5 minutes

2. Language: Hindi or English only

3. No Team Participation permitted only Individual permitted to pitch their own Point of view    


Evaluation Criteria:

  • Subject Matter ( Content ) [ 25 Marks]

  • Language Proficiency [ 25 Marks]

  • Delivery and Posture [ 25 Marks]

  • General Effectiveness [ 25 Marks]

Student Coordinator                                                   

  • Prince Kumar                   8936870719                                          

  • Sakshi Gupta                    9835485799

  • Ashutosh Rath                 9777510061

  • Kartik Kumar                    9931746037

  • Md Aariz Mozammil      7543037038

  • Rahul Kumar                   8804318856


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