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Celebrating 15th October as Innovation Day 2019: Rangoli Art

The primary goal of a point of view is for students to generate effective critical thinking into primary issues in the given topic. The Logo GGI-IIC, GGI-MIC, MIC-IIC for Rangoli will be given on the spot.


“Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”– Pablo Picasso


Date:          15th/October/2019, Tuesday

Time:          1.00 pm to 2.30 pm

Venue:       ED Hall, Block – A, GGI Ludhiana 


Eligibility: B.Tech, Management, Professional Courses Students

Basic Rules:

  1. Time Allowed: 45 minutes

  2. Size : (2’ X 2’) to (4’ X 4’ ) 5% permissible variation

  3. Team Size: 2 Members Mandatory  

  4. Color Code for Rangoli: Blue, Yellow, Red only  (FOR GGI – Blue, Yellow, FOR MIC – Blue, Red, FOR IIC - Red, Blue, Yellow)

  5. Participants MUST bring their own color material.

  6. Accessory e.g. sieve, spoon, and scale etc are allowed.

  7. Combination of any one Logo i.e. GGI-IIC, GGI-MIC, MIC-IIC for Rangoli will be given on the spot.


Evaluation Criteria:

  • Time [ 25 Marks]

  • Creativity/ Completeness/ Neatness [ 25 Marks]

Student Coordinator                                                   

  • Premlata Kumari         6205963783                                       

  • Samima Parvein          8367839192

  • Mokhshika                     6005039528

  • Sony Singh                    7217796983


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